1. What is Available Art?
The idea of Available Art consists in making the work of artists available to a broader public. In the spirit of this idea, international group exhibitions following the same principle have been organized since 2004.

At Available Art all art work is for sale. The prices are consciously kept very low, they are not hidden in price-lists but displayed alongside every work. Every exhibition gives a maximum price limit, usually around 100 €. Some art works are sold even for symbolic prices such as 1 €. It is also not necessary for the visitor to wait until the end of the exhibition to buy the chosen art work - everything purchased can be immediately taken home.

Available Art does not limit itself to a single medium.
With the variety of the exhibited work we hope to address a broader public. Graphic and pictorial arts, design, sculpture, animated film, audio art (and more) are all shown in the same context.

Uncomplicated and communicative
In our exhibitions we always aim to combine the logic and aesthetic of a traditionally hung exhibition with the uncomplicated attractiveness of a museum shop. At Available Art it is often allowed (and partly expressly desired) to take the items into one’s hands. We guide the visitors through the exhibitions and thoroughly explain backgrounds regarding the artists and their work.

The atmosphere of Available Art is also guided by a flexible and many-sided program that accompanies every exhibition. Until now we have organised drawing and T-shirt-design workshops. On special days people were invited for breakfast in the exhibition, at a "Game Day" visitors could play with the many games that had been invented by artists. There have also been film-screenings, a performance or an open competition for the most boring holiday-movie.

We conceive Available Art as an open and growing project. Everyone is invited to send in an idea for the upcoming event. At the selection of participating artists we do not pay attention to the artist’s education or reputation. More important is the originality and the quality of the works. We are especially interested in unconventional ideas offered by young artists. One of the major aims of Available Art is to promote upcoming talents, who might not yet otherwise have access to commercial galleries or traditional exhibition places.
Since the beginning of the project, a network of about 300 interested artists has developed. On this website, we are currently building up a database, in which all participating artists can present their CV and a selection of their work.

What do the exhibitions look like?
At previous exhibitions up to 120 artists from various countries have taken part. The design of the exhibitions is adapted to the given location. We always take care that the exhibition does not look like an overcrowded "super-market", and that the works don’t disturb one another. Every work is labelled with the artist’s name, title (translated if needed) and price. If a work requires supplementary information, it is also printed and shown next to the work.

Is Available Art a commercial project?
Even though according to its concept, Available Art is a vending exhibition, we basically do not follow any commercial aims. As yet, Available Art is a project that we realize in our free-time. A percentage of the revenue from sold works flows back into the organisation of the exhibitions and covers the main expenses.

Can travel and accommodation-costs for traveling artists be reimbursed?
Due to the large amount of participants, we generally can not cover any travel-expenses.
Thus we always make an effort to find free accommodations, usually with local participating artists.

Do you sell art online?
No. An important element of Available Art is the event itself. If you are interested in buying a specific work (maybe something you have seen on a past exhibition), you can contact the artist through us.