Who can participate?
Everyone is invited to submit proposals for an upcoming Available Art exhibition.

Selection Criteria
At the selection of the participating artists we do not pay attention to the education or reputation of the artist, More important are the originality and the quality of the work. Main focus of Available Art is to present new, uncommon and exceptional works from young artists. Every year artists propose new ideas and possibilities that surprise and convince us. The following subjects are therefore to be understood as simple guidelines.

Medium & technique
Available Art shows works from various fields of art in the same context. (Photography, Painting, Graphic Arts, Sculpture, Design, Animated Film, Conceptual music ...)
Concerning medium and technique, we therefore accept all suggestions.

Affordable prices & large editions
The basic idea of Available Art is that all exhibited work is for sale and for very affordable prices. Already for this reason, it makes sense to propose to us prints in large editions, or small works. For two more reasons, we appreciate in general art works that come in several copies:
1. Visitors usually take a purchased work with them immediately. If there are no copies, this work will then not be represented at the exhibition anymore.
2. We always arrange the exhibition so that it resembles in some ways of a shop. This emphasizes our concept. Multiplied objects are helpful for this.

Special topics & Art for Games
We recently started to design the exhibitions according to a chosen topic or focus. These are presented in the respective descriptions.
In 2006 we curated a small exhibition in Belgium, where we showed merely games invented by artists or art-works based in some way on the idea and the concept of games. We became fond of this project and since then we hope for further game related proposals – in order to create another Art for Games exhibition.

How can one participate?
On this site, all necessary proposal forms can be downloaded. The completed forms can be sent by email to our address. Artists often do invent artwork especially for the exhibition; in this case it is of course not necessary that the proposed work is already realized.
After the selection and notification, all art work has to be delivered to our addresses in Berlin or Krakow before the deadline. After the exhibition, unsold work is returned to the artist unless otherwise specified. The cost of the transport has to be covered by the artist.